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Premium Quality CBD Rich Oils

unKanni CBD oils meet the latest standards from seed to sale.  Certified by The Hemp Authority.


unKanni was formed by a few like minded people who believe the mysteries of health and wellness are far from discovered.  We believe in finding better, more natural ways for our customers to feel better and live better.

We believe in nature’s ability to heal and the bounty it provides.  We believe in research and development of the best product that can be introduced to the human condition to improve the quality of all our lives.  All our products are produced in clean, modern facilities, and every ingredient is lab-tested. Our U.S. grown hemp comes from Colorado.

We want our customers to live an unKanni life,  to serve an unKanni mission, and to make an unKanni dent in the universe.

We exist to make our customers’ lives better,  to make the world a healthier and more abundant place, and to further the mission of a better life through nature.

What we do

We research the globe on the greatest wellness and life improvements in general health.  We find the highest quality resources and optimize the manufacturing process. Then, we help our clients do a experiential understanding of how to be well, and we show them the products that best hack their personal health.

What:  We make pharmacy grade  products that exceed the industry standards for quality and purity.  It’s our goal to gain life-long customers with our products as a ongoing improvement to their well-being.

We don’t by a bottle of “stuff” and slap a label on it.  All unKanni CBD oils are tracked from source to sale.  We know what fields our hemp came from, how it was extracted, and when and where it was bottled.  All CBD oils are not created equal. We are certified by The Hemp Authority and meet all their standards for production and labeling.

Flash Activated™

Our activation method extracts the oil in seconds, not minutes or hours, preserving all the terpenes and delicate flavors.

Stronger Effects

Tastes better and has stronger effects than oil produced with chemical extraction processes.

Terpene Rich

Whole flower extract that includes beneficial plant terpenes while leaving chlorophylls and bitter flavors behind.

Naturally Extracted

Natural extraction without the use of harmful solvents or other adulterants - only heated air contacts the plant material.

What Our Customer’s Say….

Meet the unKanni Team
Danielle White
Back Office
Tony Scelzo
Sales & Marketing
Greg White
Rodney Spradley
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Do You Know Where Your Seeds Were Harvested?

Why Should I Know?

Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the CBD Oil for sale, is not accurately labeled.  They have found:

  • Less CBD Oil than shown (and in some cases NO CBD Oil)
  • High Toxicity Levels of Weed Killers, Bug Spray and Fertilizer
  • THC levels above .3% (causing people to FAIL work drug tests and be fired!)

Don’t Take It Unless…

CBD Oil is unregulated it is not all created equal.
  • Ours is Certified by a 3rd party and fully lab tested:
    • No THC
    • No Toxins
    • Contains Full Spectrum CBD in the amounts shown on the bottle
  • Colorado sourced CBD from organic certified fields
  • Not imported or grown in old fields containing toxins
Check Out Our Premium CBD Products

Why is unKanni CBD Oil the best?

CBD Studies Revealed

  • Relieved Pain
  • Relieved Stress
  • Relieved Anxiety
  • Promoted Bone Growth
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Reduced Blood Sugar Levels
  • Suppressed Muscle Spasms


CBD Oil cannot get you high; instead it is used to aid in recovery, pain management and maintaining overall health.
Daily use of CBD can help regulate mood, appetite, sleeping patterns, reduce pain and inflammation, improve focus, decrease anxiety, decrease nausea and improve autoimmune responses.

unKanni CBD Oil Facts

USDA Organic Certified Hemp0%
Vapor Distillation Extraction0%
Colorado Sourced0%
3rd Party Testing0%

Raw Materials

Our hemp is harvested from the finest farms in the beautiful state of Colorado. At unKanni, quality matters to us. That’s why all of our products are chemical free. We conduct extensive lab tests to ensure that every ingredient is 100% pure. Our CBD is extracted only from the finest Colorado hemp cultivations ensuring a superior quality.  Our vapor extraction method ensures that all the cannaboids and beneficial terpenes are preserved with the side benefit of excellent taste with no bitterness.

Shipping to all 50 States  CBD hemp oil extracts with powerful benefits
Industry-leading product quality, safety & consistency

Contact Us – unKanni

We provide premium CBD oils and CBD infused products.

Call our shop: (317) 552-0050

We want our customers to live an unKanni life,  to serve an unKanni mission, and to make an unKanni dent in the universe.

We exist to make our customers’ lives better,  to make the world a healthier and more abundant place, and to further the mission of a better life through nature.

HealthStatus, LLC

9801 Fall Creek Rd, #112

Indianapolis, IN 46256


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